Advanced technology in Hungary

Micromedical Ltd


The mission statement of Micromedical Ltd.

MicroMedical aims to represent novel technology medical device manufacturers.

As a medical device distributor, MicroMedical is helping both patients and physicians finding solutions for their unmet needs, by delivering advanced technology.

The company focuses on endoscopy diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

We find it essential to act upon the highest standards of ethical conduct

MicroMedical was established in 1993 and is a privately held medical distributor company, operating only in Hungary.




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1096 Budapest,Sobieski J. u. 16. fszt. Ü/11
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Business Concept

MicroMedical is specialised in gastroenterological endoscopy and bleeding management

The company focuses on minimal invasive therapy and diagnostics, providing advanced products and services to customers.

Micromedical Kft.

Advanced technology in Hungary

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1096 Budapest, Sobieski J. u. 16. fszt. Ü/11

Tel./Fax: 06-1/367 4806